Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Empty, Empty Nest…

Reflections of a Single Mother

It’s a busy hectic work day as usual around my office (my kitchen table/will explain laterJ). Youngest daughter needs money for food before basketball game. Cell phone blowing up, email inbox pinging me.  Lingering thoughts about the conversation (argument) that I had with my older daughter last night. Trying my best to get through this yoga workout before anyone realizes I’m not actually online working yet… Workout finished, now trying to blend a smoothie and load a pod in the Kuerig® to make a cup of coffee at the same damn time. Email pings again, bang out quick response.  Multi-tasking at its best… wait cellphone chirps and vibrates simultaneously… special notification set up to let me know my daughter needs me.  I stop everything I’m doing to read her message, you know because everything she does is the most important thing that I have going on…let her tell it.