Network of Sisterhood Event

The "Network of Sisterhood" is a yearly event hosted by The Lipstick Journal blog. The event and the blog was founded by Cherlyn McIntee, Senior Project Manager, mother of two and advocate for women’s equality and equal pay in the workplace. She created The Lipstick Journal as an insightful place for women to gather and share empowering tips on being a Go-Getter Girl. The blog discusses issues important to women who are dedicated to self-empowerment at work and at home. Such topics as carrying yourself professionally in the work place, how to get ahead in your career and home life, finances, fashion tips, healthy living tips, and much more are discussed. This blog is an amazing source of useful and entertaining information for the woman dedicated to becoming a better self. “The Network of Sisterhood” event is the first of many events that will be hosted by The Lipstick Journal. Proceeds from this event will go to The Lipstick Journal Scholarship Fund. Visit to help by donating to this worthy cause!!