Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Got That Snapback!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Concert Review: Jill Scott’s Summer Block Party

Saturday night, I along with my boyfriend and good friends, Candice and Gina, went to the Jill Scott Summer Block Party concert at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta, GA!!  Though the evening was a lot less than perfect (…a tale worthy of its own blog post), Ms. Jill did not disappoint.
The Review:  Kem opened up the concert and was a little less than exciting in my opinion (not really a fan), however, his true fans thoroughly enjoyed the show.  DJ Jazzy Jeff got it in though!!  He kept the party hype in anticipation of the headliners appearance.  The crowd went wild throughout his entire collage of classic old-skool hip hop spins: Summertime (Will Smith), Rock the Bells (LL Cool J), Real Love (Mary J. Blige).  And then there was Jill…
She shocked the crowd when she stepped out on stage with her new hair cut; yep, boy short and still she was fierce.  Jill’s voice stirred my soul and according to my friend/neighbor, Candice, her sexy lyrics mixed with the 104 degree Hotlanta heat had her wanting to come out of her panties, and church fan herself!!!  If we had popped another bottle of wine, we would have been outside at Chastain panty-less and church fanning together!!! 
I score this concert 8 out of 10 so if you weren’t there, you missed out and if you haven’t picked up Jill’s latest CD, The Light of the Sun which dropped last summer, you are slow!  Go get it and take the lessons in love and loss, redemption and reaffirmation that Ms. Scott sings in soft lullaby and soaring big notes wrapped up into some of the best music out today.
Check out TLJ’s Photos from the concert and tell us about your favorite Jill Scott song! 

Signing out,

Ms. Me
P.S. my favorite is A Long Walk from her debut album, Who is Jill Scott!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

How To Be an Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving

Book Description
Publication Date: June 18, 2002

"Most people think of love as a feeling," says David Richo, "but love is not so much a feeling as a way of being present." In this book, Richo offers a fresh perspective on love and relationships—one that focuses not on finding an ideal mate, but on becoming a more loving and realistic person. Drawing on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness, How to Be an Adult in Relationships explores five hallmarks of mindful loving and how they play a key role in our relationships throughout life: 1. Attention to the present moment; observing, listening, and noticing all the feelings at play in our relationships. 2. Acceptance of ourselves and others just as we are. 3. Appreciation of all our gifts, our limits, our longings, and our poignant human predicament. 4. Affection shown through holding and touching in respectful ways. 5. Allowing life and love to be just as they are, with all their ecstasy and ache, without trying to take control. When deeply understood and applied, these five simple concepts—what Richo calls the five A's—form the basis of mature love. They help us to move away from judgment, fear, and blame to a position of openness, compassion, and realism about life and relationships. By giving and receiving these five A's, relationships become deeper and more meaningful, and they become a ground for personal transformation.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who Moved My Cheese?

Book Description
Publication Date: September 8, 1998

With Who Moved My Cheese? Dr. Spencer Johnson realizes the need for finding the language and tools to deal with change--an issue that makes all of us nervous and uncomfortable. Most people are fearful of change because they don't believe they have any control over how or when it happens to them. Since change happens either to the individual or by the individual, Spencer Johnson shows us that what matters most is the attitude we have about change. When the Y2K panic gripped the corporate realm before the new millenium, most work environments finally recognized the urgent need to get their computers and other business systems up to speed and able to deal with unprecedented change. And businesses realized that this was not enough: they needed to help people get ready, too. Spencer Johnson has created his new book to do just that. The coauthor of the multimillion bestseller The One Minute Manager has written a deceptively simple story with a dramatically important message that can radically alter the way we cope with change. Who Moved My Cheese? allows for common themes to become topics for discussion and individual interpretation. Who Moved My Cheese? takes the fear and anxiety out of managing the future and shows people a simple way to successfully deal with the changing times, providing them with a method for moving ahead with their work and lives safely and effectively.

Why Women Mean Business

Book Description
Publication Date: November 3, 2009

Never before has there been such a confluence of international attention to the economic importance of women and the need for policies to enable them to fulfil their potential. The position of women - as employees, consumers and leaders - is seen as a measure of health, maturity and economic viability. Why Women Mean Business takes the economic arguments for change to the heart of the corporate world. This powerful new book analyses the opportunities available to companies that really understand what motivates women in the workplace and the marketplace. Find out how companies that learn to adapt to women will be better able to respond to the challenge of an ageing workforce and the demands of the next generation of knowledge workers. The authors compare policies and approaches in countries around the world, that offer surprising and envious results. The optimisation of women’s talents will boost the bottom line. Taking action to achieve this will require sustained courage and conviction from today’s corporate leaders. Reading Why Women Mean Business will be an important first step.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sun Tzu for Women: The Art of War for Winning in Business

Publication Date: January 14, 2011

For twenty-five centuries, men have used Sun Tzu's classic The Art of War as a guide to conflict. In recent years, it's been a guide to climbing the corporate ladder. But this book shows that there are more paths to winning than frontal assault. You can learn from the ancient Chinese strategist how to apply the feminine principle to the business world--and win every time. Whether it's relying on networking skills to win allies or maneuvering to gain a decisive advantage, the author shows through dozens of case studies from prominent women in business how to overcome the odds, defeat opponents, and forge successful careers. The tenets of Sun Tzu lend themselves to women's natural strengths in diplomacy and relationship-building. With this interpretation, you'll learn to leverage these valuable assets to trump your male colleagues every time.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Go-Getter Girls Guide

Book Description
Publication Date: September 1, 2009

Every office has one – a Go-Getter Girl – someone who seems to just know certain stuff about how to get the plum jobs/lifestyle she wants and damn, always looks great while she's at it. Magic? No, it’s about strategizing--and The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide shows you how. Born out of interviews with hundreds of successful, stylish young women--including award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien, Spanx founder Sara Blakely, and bestselling novelist Emily Giffin--The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide provides a no-excuses, big-picture way of thinking about your life and career, as well as day-to-day strategies for how to:

Navigate the tricky terrain of office politics
Find and use a mentor
Figure out when it’s time to get a new job (or career)—and have the courage to act
Dress (and groom!) for success
And take care of yourself physically and emotionally

Combining the practical career wisdom of What Color Is Your Parachute? with the savvy fashion guidance of The Little Black Book of Style, this dynamite guide is sure to bring out the Go-Getter in generations of women to come.