Sunday, July 9, 2017

The 1-Day Interview Prep: Rocking an interview even with limited time to prepare

Today, I got a call from a family member/friend/professional associate: my sister, who was stressing out about a job interview that she had scheduled for tomorrow.  Oh Dear… Now usually, if I were officially coaching someone on preparing for a job interview, I would suggest at least a one week window for preparation.  With only a day to prepare, my tried and true 1-week program was just not going to work.  I quickly leaned on my Lean/Agile coaching techniques to offer her value that would take her a long way before the interview tomorrow.  Here I have laid out a 3 step strategy to assist her and anyone else who finds themselves in a time crunch to prepare for an interview and GET THE JOB!  Let’s go.

Step 1: Do a Full Self-Assessment

In this step, it’s all about being honest with yourself.  Review the job announcement for which you are interviewing, and honestly answer this question? Technically speaking, am I qualified to do this job?  If your answer is